Natalie Jill - Original 7 Day Jump Start Plan - Women SKU: NJ-7DJS

The Original Plan - 7-Day Jump Start for WOMEN - by Natalie Jill


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Natalie Jill gives you the 7-day Jump Start - The Plan that will help you lose 5 lbs your first week and continue on to make it a LIFESTYLE! Natalie Jill is a Licensed Sports Nutritionist with celiac sprue (has been gluten free for 16+ years), and she knows how to get your body in FAT BURNING mode by eating REAL food! The jump start will teach you how to eat for a lifetime.  It will help you lose the bloat, have more energy, speed up your metabolism, get processed foods out of your system and get you on track with the necessary steps to continue losing so you reach your weight loss goals! The program is easy to follow, requires minimal cooking, is GLUTEN free and does not contain any red meat!